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Spain, the forgotten shale gas country
Shale Gas
Despite being Europe's fifth-largest energy consumer, Spain's production of liquid fuels and natural gas is practically non-existent. This explains why Spain has silently crept up alongside Poland and the UK as one of the EU Member States open to sha...
The role of shale gas in reducing US carbon emissions
Shale Gas
A recent policy brief published by the Institut du développement durable et des relations internationales (IDDRI) examined the impact of U.S. shale gas on the American economy, including potential implications for the European Union. The IDDRI report...
Are high European energy costs impacting business investment?
Shale Gas
On 20 February 2014 the European Council will meet to discuss Europe’s re-industrialisation policy, sending a clear message that the EU needs to prepare the right environment for attracting industrial investment.  This will include the need for ...

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Shale Gas in Europe

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